China  -Taiwan conflict

This articles is just a brief story of history of China. Without knowing this we cannot understand what the conflict is ? Author of this article not giving a detailed history of China but at least he giving a small brief history of China. Modern China from 19th century. Which is most important in this prospective to understand this conflict

Sun yet sen

In 1911 became -First president of Republic of China .After overthrow the ruler of quing dynasty

Sun yet sen
Chaing kai-sek

Leader of the republic of China from 1928 to till his death 1975

Mao leader of the communists party of China .and fist president of people republic of China

There are  so many characters when we see this conflict. But these three are main characters most important characters than others  .


KMT-KUOMINTANG (political nationalist party) ruled over China main land now in main opposition party in republic of China (taiwan)

CCP- CHINESE communists party

ROC- REPUBLIC OF CHINA . (Ruled by chaing Kai-sak from 1928 to 1949 main land China and after till his death in Taiwan

PRC- PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA . Current China . Communists china

DPP. Democratic progressive party which now ruling in Republic of China (Taiwan)

After overthrown qing dynasty sun yet sen became 1st president of Republic of China in 1911. But within 1.5 year he resigned or ousted by warlords of China.  But he struggled consistently continuously and reunited people  in kuomintang  kown as KMT or nationalist party of  China. And again he got success and became president in 1925 .after his death in 1928  chaing Kai sek became president of Republic of China in the same time one other person influenc  growing in Chinese people day by day who Bron in a rich family but raising his voice for poor his name non other than Mao dedong he totally influenced from communists ideology he a very big fan of Karl marks and Lenin . He wants to make a communists government in China.  It’s led a huge clashes (military) Between KMT and CCP .

Republic of China government led by KMT leader Chiang Kai sek and supported by US.UK . In the name of stop communists.  However ccp led by Mao currently don’t have any authorized province in China till 1932  supported by Russia and Germany.  Millions of people had been killed in this China Civil War. Cruption is on high in KMT government but most of the people still in favor of KMT  but two thing is changed every thing .what is that?

Japan think Chinese people don’t have rights to rule in China because China is a territory of Japan.  So Japan attacked on China in 1937  this changed every thing .Current ruler of China chaing Kai sak now facing war from both sides . From inside he is now facing gorilla war from communists and from outside he is now facing a strong advance Japanese army But chaing Kai-sak here did a mistake.  Instead of give a perfect reply to Japanese forces . He aggressive more on communists.  He thought fist he need to crush internal rebellion than constraint on Japanese. It goes wrong.  Chinese people hate Japanese more than any at that time . So a message went all around in China that Instead of war with  Japanese KMT(nationalist party of China) killing communists which are from our brothers.   Mao took this advantage  and day by day he build his military capacity increasing number of soldiers  and claims  he and communists have only capacity to save China from Japanese.  A huge imotional wave  spread among people and this causes a huge blow to Chiang Kai sak.  from 1937 to 1939 million of civilian and army personnel were killed from both sides. CCP Mao had one advantage that he and his force was not prime target from Japanese bcz they were hidden but chaing Kai sak KMT in open space and fighting directly. One more setback for KMT is that . USA a supporter of kmt government is now supporting CCP because of WW2 .at that time Japan was a biggest enemy of US . Now USA also considered that if they want to stop and weak Japan than it needs to support Mao. So that USA gived arms and supplying ammunition to CCP but USA told a condition to CCP that make sure these arms should not use against KMT . USA also made a treaty among both sides after this treaty CCP and KMT they forgeted enemysip and start a joint fighting against Japan with support of US and UK. In 1945 Japan lost in WW2 and surrender to US. After this a new Civil War start in China among CCP and KMT. Those arms CCP used against Japanese now Mao using this against KMT regime also CCP captured somany artillery which left by Japanese army. From 1945 to 1949 around 7 million people were killed.

After lost of his 4 capital by Mao led CCP Chiang kai sek evacuated in Taiwan with two million people most of them are family of soldiers. Elite business man. He also took all gold and other treasures from mainland China to Taiwan. When Japanese left Taiwan they were surrender all things to ROC . So now chaing Kai shek have sole authority to Rule Taiwan. He announced Taipah the war-time temporary capital of China.

Till 1970 ROC had UN seat. And claims on all over China including Mongolia and tibbat steel KMT claim on all over China

But things were changed constantly 1st ROC lost UN seat to PRC communists. In 1971

than chaing Kai sek death in 1975 was changed every thing

Son of chaing Kai sek when he became ruler of ROC he lifted Marshall laws and reformed Taiwan from singal party to multi party democracy In 1986 DPP democratic progressive party was launched by some native Taiwanis

This party getting popularity in Taiwan slowly slowly but constantly and in December 2007 elections DPP managed to win that election and got majority in assembly still DPP are ruling now on Taiwan. Elections after election DPP success is growing

DPP has distended themselves from ROC and KMT points of view

When KMT claims all over China and his territory including Tibet. Mongolia and Aruna chalu pradesh which now in India that KMT have only rights to rule over these territory.

KMT is now main opposition party in Taiwan

DPP who ruling now over Taiwan wants a separate status. A own status in the name of Taiwan instead of ROC and PRC they don’t want any Chinese symbols. . But KMT oppose this idea . Communists China also opposing this

Now this is three party conflicts.

World leaders speacily US 🇺🇸 leaders also divided over this

Current president of United States wants a separate status of Taiwan is good for free world and democracy and lobbying for Taiwan a separate country .

In the other side Donald Trump former president of US and 2024 possible president runner from republican party is Against and opposing Taiwan freedom and a separate status . Because in his points of view communists is main enemy of US .and US need to support KMT and Republic of China . The republican top brass think no body have courage to throw out communists from China except KMT because KMT still have a large base in northern China.. remarkably KMT have experience to how to rule China and if west want any revolution in China without KMT it can’t be possible so Donald Trump opposing every move which weakn ROC .KMT he knows the importance of ROC so he is opposing Taiwan freedom.

In China point of view ROC and Taiwan both are against his prospect means communists PRC government if Taiwan announce freedom from China . This is a ego issue for PRC communists government and if not than they know KMT ROC how dangerous for China .in both senerio He (PRC ) have only one way and that is invade in Taiwan and finish raising voice of native Taiwan for freedom and finish KMT and destroy every single mark of ROC for any feature revolution in main land China .

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